dimanche 28 juin 2009

Damask & Dentelle: As a tattoo etches the delicacy of the skin...Surface Jalouse leaves a definite mark

2672 Notre Dame O.
Montréal, H3J 1N7
Phone: (514) 303-6220

Art comes to us in many different forms; through a computer screen, an art piece in a gallery, graffiti on a brick wall, or even through the etching of one’s skin. Surface Jalouse has found other means of expression…the walls that make up our living spaces and the everyday objects that surround us. Information technology meets printing to render some of the most surprising graphics I have come to see in a long time...on walls and I mean directly on walls.
Are bare walls the new canvasses? Are centuries past Louis chairs become the seating arrangement of decadent decals? Whatever they define themselves as being, I sure am buying!
Source: photos http://www.surfacejalouse.com/

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