dimanche 11 avril 2010

Damask & Dentelle: Niche Décor

Niche Décor
Phone: (514) 482-1742

Like with fashion, I have had my share of décor styles. My first experiences were all about craftiness and second hand pieces from neighbours and nice landlords. Money was the main object of consideration and probably the only one really; followed a LOVE for colors phase…maybe a little too much love. I even wonder how many coats of primer it must have taken the buyers of my first home to remove the lime green dining room and fuchsia bedroom I left behind? hummmmm.....

Then came my modern and “zen” phases, full of sleek pieces and empty surfaces. Come to think of it, it was a good phase to be in considering the children that would soon follow. Finally, we bought our current home and our style evolved yet again, this time to reflect the 115 years of history that our surrounding walls carry within their plaster and crown mouldings. Some of our less modern pieces followed, others were given and sold to be replaced by carefully chosen pieces with soul.

“Pieces with soul, that can’t be” my 5 year old daughter would tell me. “I have to disagree sweetie and let me tell you why”: I am a strong believer in the home dictating to some extend its content. I also believe that with age and experience, a young grasshopper starts to see the wisdom of his or her mother spending hours on end perusing the estate sales and garage sales to find the pieces she called “soulful”. It is a form of carbon neutral approach to décor…and that’s very 2009 isn’t it?

Niche Décor is one of these hard to find gems a city often hides; one you would never find in a guide book or shopping directory but one that you feel so lucky to have come across. A few minutes from my home, and unknown to my keen mother's eye until now, this little nook of vintage, shabby, and country inspired pieces is delightful. Impeccable bedding, refurbished and reupholstered wing chairs, throws usually found in high end stores, country blue and white dishes…I could have purchased everything! Lori, its owner, is well surrounded that’s why. A close friend and business partner with Creations and Stuff by Me’s Dorothy, the pair goes on finding the most beautiful pieces eras past have kept intact, and refinish and repair those that time has been less gentle with, all in a very tasteful and experienced fashion. Anything you have long searched for they can find.

A delectable treat… really delectable.

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photos: www.creationsandstuffbyme.com

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