mercredi 14 avril 2010

Shopping with a heart

Dear readers,

Here is the integral of an email I received from a partner's boutique, whom has decided to join forces and do a very nice gesture. I encourage you to go out and check out her wonderful "elegant garage sale"! Not only will you find gems there, but what a delight is she to chat with!!

"As some of you may know, Creations and Stuff by Me will be having it’s 4th
annual Elegant Garage Sale this coming weekend.

25% of all proceeds will be donated for Casey. An abandoned little pug, that needs life saving surgery. $3600 is needed to pay for the surgery. So, if you can spread the word, or add in some items from your boutique, or talk about it on a blog or newsletter, it would be most appreciated.

Of course, full price of any item you add to the sale, will be asked for. Your business card will be attached to the item.

Nat Lauzon, a well known radio personality in Montreal, has already mentioned the sale on her blog.

thank you!

Please help spread the word. "

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