samedi 13 février 2010

Damask & Dentelle on: Kips Bay decorator Showhouse

"Showrooms are built on fantasy, and the most amazing fantasies of all are seen each Spring at the Manhattan showhouse to benefit the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club!"- House Beautiful (August 2006)

Kips Bay decorator Show House is an event gathering more than 30 top designers that each year, around mid-april, surpass themselves to create the most lavish and exquisite rooms there is. In 2009, and according to many, the Show Housewas presented at its most stunning location yet, a double wide townhouse at 22 East 71st Street in Manhattan.

Case in point... Amy Lau and her team presented "Maya Romanoff wall coverings in a three-dimensional artistic display transforming the core of the st
ructure - a spiral staircase leading upwards to a picturesque skylight. The visually inspiring staircase installation ran from the second to the third floor."- Maya Romanoff

Other designers included Beale-Lana's modern entrance, Christopher Peacock's refectory dining area, Jed Johnson's collector's bedroom and...well...all the other rooms in the house.
Imagine the treat that is visiting this house! Not only is it one of the design industry's mo
st mondane gathering, but you also get to see some of the most avant-garde and exclusive designs there are, shake hands with their creators, and all for a good cause!

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