mercredi 6 janvier 2010

Barry Dixon in images; a tribute by Damask & Dentelle

As a décor aficionado it is now clear that you love, at least as much as I do, to make the interior of your cocoon or nest the most comfortable place on earth. And what better way to improve your outlook on home décor in general than to expand your horizons and discover designers that are prominent in their field and have accomplished work that will stand the test of time. Without further ado I would like to introduce you, in images, to the work of Barry Dixon.

Based in Virginia, the firm's offices are a little far for us to inquire of their services, no worries... it is eye candy nonetheless!
I vouch, dear readers, as part of my new year's resolutions, to not only keep introducing you to what Montréal has best to offer in décor boutiques, but also to present you talented designers from around the world in order to feed our respective imaginations. I will also no longer neglect my english readership by writing half of my blog entries in the tongue of Shakespeare. How's that for new year's resolutions?
Oh...and I will also work on my ironing skills, learn to play tennis, and to knit (I promised my mother!)

On that note, have a great year 2010 and remember that there are never any mistakes in home décor...everything can be fixed, so get out there and dare!



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