mardi 26 octobre 2010

I love Lucite!

As a child I was a devoted fan of the "I Love Lucy" show. It was simple, it was fun, she made it all ok. In a way she represented the adult of what I would become, quirky, funny, with an acute
sense of style ( at least I strive in that direction)...yes I imagined myself as Lucy without the carrot hair!

As years passed, and as my adolescence crisis made me stray further and further from the picture perfect of Lucy's life, another obsession came into my life: Lucite.
It made sense! After all, from one to the other there was only a few letters difference right?

Oh do I ever love lucite!! Chic in any decor, airy in tight spaces, voluminous at ease without being overbearing, lucite is a go to piece in any decor. Particularly popular as coffee tables, it has made its way into ch
airs, lamps, dining tables even. My latest lucite discovery has been a lucite wingback chair really to die for!

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